Wrap Up in Borg

You might have noticed a reoccurring trend lately amongst the blogger world and plastered all over Instagram. Borg jackets and jumpers are the new winter warmers getting us through this gloomy weather and I’ve realised I need one in my life!

Borg is the answer to casual texture dressing if you want to move away from shearling and faux fur. Understated and cosy, but still so stylish that you’ll wonder how you’ve coped so long without it in your wardrobe all these weeks.

It’s been perfectly incorporated into everyday pieces in multiple ways. From all over Borg jackets and hoodies to subtle Borg collars and lining. Colours have remained neutral too with black, navy, beige/brown, cream, grey, green, burgundy and pink being the most popular.

These Borg wardrobe must-haves can literally be thrown on with anything and they seem to just work. A winning sign of a trend. Even if you don’t want to leave the house and face the weather in your new Borg purchase, you can still make the most of them cosied up on the sofa!

Burgundy Borg Hoodie, £18.00


Grey Borg Bomber Jacket, £45.00


Rosa Slim Fit Borg Collar Denim Jacket, £30.00


Camel Teddy Borg Sleeve Sweatshirt, £19.99

New Look

Faux Fur Borg Jacket, £58.00


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