Verona Style Diary

Verona has been on my holiday wish-list for a while now so when this Italian trip was finally booked my thoughts immediately wandered to what clothes I should take which obviously led to online shopping!

I was instructed by my boyfriend and family members that because it was only a long weekend that I only needed a small suitcase. A small suitcase?! But what about outfit choices?! And if I wasn’t in the mood to wear something?! Knowing that I wouldn’t win this battle I accepted this challenge of limiting my holiday wardrobe and started planning.

I opted for pieces in lightweight fabrics as they would be easy to pack and perfect for the hot weather. Dresses that could be worn day and night and an off the shoulder top, which are one of this season’s hottest styles, were top of my must-takes. From there a basic white tee, a pair of comfortable trousers and two pairs of shoes made the cut! Along with a jumper and shower proof jacket as the weather app promised rain and storms.

Lucky for us though Verona offered beautiful hot and sunny weather and I proved to myself that I can manage with a limited wardrobe. But of course I might have bought a couple of tops whilst there too – window shopping is impossible for me!









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