The Puffer Jacket

Although this cold, dark and miserable weather isn’t something to rave about, it does allow us to embrace one of this season’s hottest outerwear trends – the puffer jacket.

These Nineties inspired garments have been revived and injected with cool new updates and come in a wide spectrum of amazing colours. From subtle blush tones to the more vibrant hues you’ll find your perfect match in no time.

Although it might seem like an unexpected trend it’s thanks to the rise of sports luxe dressing that it has become a popular style choice amongst the fashion elite. These padded beauties will keep you super warm, cosy and fashion ready throughout the cold days until the warm weather arrives.

Statement oversized styles and long lengths offer a dramatic feel but be careful of your height as you don’t want them to swamp your frame. Short, sleek and fitted versions are the alternative. Hoods and waterproof options offer more practicality but of course there are jackets which have been created for those fashionistas who just want to invest in one for the style factor. Faux fur finishes and belted designs are a couple of extras to give this outerwear a luxe appeal too.

Leaving the comfort of your bed and braving the cold will no longer feel like a chore but an opportunity to flaunt your new jacket!

Hooded Puffer Jacket, £69.00

Quilted Puffer Jacket, £65.00

Quilted Puffer Jacket, £70.00

Long Quilted Puffer Jacket, £75.00

Oversized Puffer Jacket, £75.00

All items are from Topshop


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