The Allure of January Sales

Well 2016 has arrived and the buzz of excitement which was Christmas and New Year has subsided. It’s now, unfortunately, time to get back into work mode and the reality of having a routine!

With the January sales now in full swing it’s rather tempting to try and lift the blue mood you’re in by splashing out on some bargains just because it has a big fat 50% off beaming above the rail. But I too have been sucked into this allure of sales in the past but have come to realise that these bargain buys never seem to leave the comfort of my wardrobe.

It’s the thought of saving money and the fact that you might not see a certain item again which triggers your brain to think ‘I need this’ and you find yourself walking to the till and purchasing said piece. Fast forward to you finding it in your wardrobe months later with you wondering what spurred you to buy it in the first place. I personally would rather shop the exciting new season pieces which will soon start appearing in stores.

So my advice to my fellow shoppers; think before you buy! Will you honestly wear it? What will it go with come spring? Unless it’s a wardrobe staple such as a trench coat, leather jacket, that dream bag you’ve been eyeing up for ages or something which could potentially fit in with the upcoming trends I would steer clear!


Image Courtesy of House of Fraser


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