Out of my element – Fashionista holidays in Zimbabwe & South Africa!

It’s kind of like taking a fish out of water… Taking me away from urban life, away from my usual shopping destinations and familiar surroundings results in lil fashionista me being totally out of my element. This is what happened recently when I went on holiday to Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Of course my wardrobe had to be carefully thought out as I couldn’t exactly take my pride and joy Bayswater Mulberry bag and £80 tweed Zara jacket – oh no! Put in my own words I was looking for ‘safari chic’ which was then followed by strange looks from my family and boyfriend who are all well aware of my shopaholic tendencies so weren’t too surprised by my choice of words…

H&M was my first destination choice – affordable and stylish. I ended up purchasing a couple of pairs of cargo trousers and cotton shorts which were comfortable but could still be mixed and matched with a range of different tops and cardigans which were all somehow fitted into my giant suitcase. I did indeed pack a few dresses, for day and night use, and a khaki maxi skirt but I think it was just wishful thinking. They weren’t exactly practical when it came to going on safaris and having close up encounters with animals – easy and minimalism was my choice of style for most days. ASOS.com and Forever 21 were also great places to visit for t-shirts and tops at amazing prices too. I think I pretty much ended up buying a whole new wardrobe – oops!

Footwear was more of a challenge. Obviously I wanted to look good but needed something suitable for the tough Zimbabwean terrain. My boyfriend, who is from Zimbabwe was more clued up about the place than me, suggested rafters. Now I admit – they aren’t the most attractive shoes I’ve ever seen but once I tried them on they were uber comfy and protected my feety from the harsh ground. Plus I totally rocked them with my pair of black skinny jeans in the evening for a big get together BBQ!

Despite being rather nervous about going in the beginning, I had an amazing and unforgettable trip and will definitely be going back in the near future. A perfect excuse to hit the shops again and see what other fashionable outfits I can come up with – I love a good style challenge!


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