Mint Velvet’s Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection – textures and layers combined!

I absolutely adore Mint Velvet! Their clothing always mixes the perfect balance of sophistication and edginess. Textures and layering are both key factors to the Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection with luxe furs, feathers, fringing, and ruch and pleat details all helping to achieve this.

The collection is made up of stunning separates adorning beautiful details with a colour palette of charcoal greys, mochas, black, lavenders and pale violets mixed with moody nature inspired prints like clouds, seascapes and pebbles. There are five themes to this range too – Antique, Gothic, Military, Urban and Texture – each offering on trend items for this season which would make any fashionista happy!

Tonal embroidered pieces and natural inspired prints can be seen in the Antique theme alongside colours such as silver grey and pale lavender. Draping and ruch details on knits and dresses add a vintage feel to the garments which you could team with the organic raw cut suede jacket or lightweight parka to add depth to your outfits.

The Gothic theme consists of mixing fabrics such as satin panels on drapey knits and a pleated chiffon front on a jersey dress to create interesting and dramatic looks. The colours used really help to dramatise the clothing as black, coffee, charcoal and gold can be seen. The mini black fur gilet is definitely a favourite of mine! It’s a great way of adding texture to outfits and can be teamed with an array of items like tunic dresses.

The leather aviator inspired jacket, embellished with metal buttons and epaulettes, and military coats are both hot items to be seen in this season and are both part of the Military theme. A gorgeous palette of khaki, ivory and antiqued brown leather adds versatility to the pieces whilst the use of ruffles and embroidered tunics contrast perfectly against the toughness of the coats and jackets.

Oversized cable knits teamed with contour seamed skinny pants are part of the Urban theme and is a much loved look of mine! The luxe trimmed winter parka adds an edgier take on daywear and zip details, modern stripes and oversize collars can be seen throughout the range. Charcoals, silvers and greys keep the range modern and versatile with items like the popper detail trench adding a chic twist to outfits.

Garments from the Texture theme are great for playing around with to create interesting and gorgeous looks. Chunkier knits can be worn over dresses and teamed with skinny belts and faded prints of clouds and seascapes can be teamed with organic shearling coats for perfect winter wear. Delicate lacey and crochet textures ensure femininity in the range with the use of pale greys, violet and charcoal adding to the moody feel of the collection.

Printed Floral Dress, £85
Feather Tippet, £45
Leather Belt, £20

Shearling Aviator Jacket, £175
Ivory Vintage Blouse, £85
Jeans, £49
Cable Knood, £29

Beaded Dress, £120

Loopy Cardigan, £75
Snake Ruched Dress, £89
Leather Belt, £20
Bead and Chain Scarf. £29



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