Marks & Spencer Rebooted for SS14

I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to venturing into different shops, visiting only a handful of destinations whenever I indulge in a bit of retail therapy. Lately though my fashion curiosity has taken me into a whole new direction which I’m absolutely loving!

Marks & Spencer hasn’t managed to grab my attention over the last few seasons as I felt the clothing seemed a bit dated, but it looks like they’ve stepped up their fashion game as the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection has amazing written all over it. Cutting edge high fashion campaign imagery along with catwalk worthy looks has racked the brand up some major style points.

A selection of next season’s most sought after trends have been included in the high street label’s latest range which have been given catchy names such as White Out, Paint Box, 90s Luxe, Worldwide and Pretty Things appealing to the nation’s vast style personalities. An alluring mix of modernity, texture and colour; M&S you’ve done yourself proud!


M&S Worldwide Image 1

M&S Worldwide Image 2


M&S Paintbox Image 1

M&S Paintbox Image 2

White Out

M&S White Out Image 1

M&S White Out Image 2

90s Luxe

M&S 90s Luxe Image 1

M&S 90s Luxe Image 2

Pretty Things

M&S Pretty Things Image 1

M&S Pretty Things Image 2

Images Courtesy of Marks & Spencer


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