Interview with jewellery designer Hannah Warner!

Jewellery designer Hannah Warner creates such stunning and unique pieces inspired by her surroundings and her travels. Specialising in metalwork her designs consist of gold, silver and precious stones and are captivatingly beautiful.

Hannah became interested in jewellery design during her foundation year at Wimbledon School of Art then continued her studies at London Metropolitan, achieving a BA Hons. in Jewellery. From there she attended the Gemological Institute of America in New York, graduating in Gemology and Diamond Grading.

This designer’s bold and innovative designs are truly beautiful and really capture your imagination. Hannah also collaborates with other artists and her pieces are stocked in a range of boutiques across the globe from New York to Berlin.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Hannah and find out who her favourite jewellery designers are, a sneak peek into who she’ll be collaborating with and what she plans for her future collection!

Jamie: What made you choose jewellery designing as a career?

Hannah Warner: I went travelling after school before I started my Foundation year at Wimbledon Art School. At the start of the travelling year I was sure that I would be doing painting at art school but during my travels I saw sooo many amazing and different types of jewellery from Asia to South America which definitely caught my interest. Then when I started Wimbledon I decided to specialise in 3D design, which then lead to a degree in design and make at London metropolitan.

Jamie: Your pieces are extremely beautiful and creative. Do you have a favourite? If yes, which one and why?

Hannah Warner: I love working with natural forms, so the coral pieces I love with gemstones. But my favourite pieces are the delicate details of animal skulls/bones. The lizard skull ring is one of my favourites, which comes in gold, black with ruby eyes and silver with sapphire eyes. I love the intricate detail of the skull and the way you can still see his teeth. It sits perfectly on the finger and is perfect for male or female

Jamie: What are your main influences and inspirations behind your designs?

Hannah Warner: I am influenced heavily by my surroundings and different cultures as well as natural/organic things, such as skulls and coral. My new collection is based on research on tribal and ancient jewels found in Greece, turkey and Egypt. My collections so far all tell different stories based on whatever subject interests me at that time.

Jamie: Describe the woman who wears your jewellery.

Hannah Warner: There are a variety of women who wear my jewellery…as I create both bulky/bold/heavy pieces that can be worn alone or stacked together with the same design in different colours or a different piece in my collection (a combination of my designs works very well) making more of a statement but also within these collections. I also try to create more delicate pieces for people with different styles. I myself wear both bold and delicate pieces of jewellery and know many people who stick to either style…so I try to create styles to fit everyone.

Jamie: Do you think you’ll design men’s jewellery in the future?

Hannah Warner: Even though I have never sat down to design men’s jewellery – it has always been in my head for women – some of my designs are very masculine and so I have sold a lot to men…such as the large skull band ring, or the lizard skull ring as examples. I also make a lot of private commissions using the basis of my design idea and altering it for my customer…I have many male customers that I have done this for. I recently created 2 rings and a necklace for a band I know in New York called Delihah which is 3 guys.

Jamie: Who are your Top 3 jewellery designers and why?

Hannah Warner: Gregg Wolf… he has a great history behind him in jewellery and amazing, powerful pieces and was so helpful to me when I first went to New York. I love his little shop/workshop in New York.

I love Pippa Smalls work… her ethical approach is really inspiring and I LOVE her use of uncut stones. Rough/organic materials and techniques is something I am very into so am naturally drawn to her work.

Lazaro is another jewellery designer that I became aware of in New York. He also has a lot of history in the business and a huge body of work. He has an impressive store in Soho. His style is gothic and powerful, using precious stones, quality engraving, and rich use of metals.

Ugo Cacciatore, an Italian designer. I have met him and he is a great guy. Much of his work is influenced by the sea (as well as other themes) which made me feel connected to him. The quality and finish of his work is amazing and designs are developed by computer. He is very aware of his materials and also works in leathers.

Jamie: What made you decide to specialise in metalwork?

Hannah Warner: I went to London Metropolitan where they allow you to explore in many different materials which is great. I was drawn instantly to metal work. This is my most preferred type of jewellery also for years.

Jamie: What were the highlights of studying in New York?

Hannah Warner: Exploring a different city and getting inspired by the different feel and things it offers. Making so many new contacts within the jewellery world, ie. My makers, MK jewellers and also other arts, my photographer Dean Dodos, the creative director of my lookbooks, new website (which is out soon) has been amazing and such help. Also expanding my brand there too.

Jamie: Which artists are you planning on collaborating with? Can you give us a sneak peek as to what you have in mind?

Hannah Warner: I love working with other artists. I feel it is so important to bring arts together and feel so happy to have many friends to work with in the arts world. I am going to be doing an exhibition with my photographer in New York at a very cool venue. I am creating metal castings for an upholster, Bettina Maidment for chair designs. I am working with Jamie Strachan and Behati Prinsloo on a new brand (name undecided at the moment). We are creating a range of jewellery, bags, jackets, household ornaments. I am excited to branch out to do some different projects beside jewellery.

Jamie: What do you have in store for your future collections?

Hannah Warner: Well I think I will always expand on each collection continually… I am constantly making different designs for people based on my skull & bones and coral collections. My new collection is very tribal and I really am in love with the colour scheme of gold/silver and black and want to push this as think it is such a powerful combination.

I am such a keen traveller so usually get influenced by that…so lets see where I go next!


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